Willowshire is primarily gentle landscape that is threaded with streams and patched with ponds and medows.


Farms – Grain, hay, crops of all variety are grown in this region. Also various grazing animals are raised and kept here. Particularly Willowshire is known for its horses. Free People hold ownership of several farms and mills in this region as well as those controled by several Noble Houses.

Mills – Due to its geographical location, wind is an almost constant presence in this region. This wind is harnessed primarily in the form of grist mills.

Population – Many Slaves are used to man the many backbreaking tasks required on the farms.

Ruling Family:

House Pellyn

Notable Locations:

Pellyn Estate – A lavish rolling estate covering dozens of acres. One of the famous features of the estate are the Pellyn Stables. The stables are famed to house the finest horses in all of Kentwood.

Upham Field – This is the location where the final battle to decide who would become the most recent line of Royals was fought. After the line of the previous King had failed to produce an heir, the Nobles set forth to assert their dominance. The victor became the new King and sired the current royal line of House Reinard. It is believed that this field is sacred, because god chose a new King upon it.


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