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The Kingdom:

The Kingdom of Kentwood is a peninsula in the southern reaches of the continent. The Queen has kept a peaceable coexistence with her northern neighbors through a treaty of mutual non aggression that was put in place by her husband’s grand father. To that end no sizable army has been raised in generations.

The Kingdom employ’s Indentured Servitude, Slave Labor, as well as Free employment. Thus there is a social caste system within the Kingdom. Top down the hierarchy is: Royalty, Nobility, Free People, The Indentured, and then Slave. Royalty and Nobility are: free to command all beneath their rank, impose taxes and raise troops, though there are some laws that govern to what extent each may be done. Free people may own Slaves though it is uncommon.

Justice is handled at a local level with a nominal court system. Nobles can appoint judges, who are the final word on punishment, save for direct decision by a higher noble.

Sorcery is a practice that is illegal for all but those of Noble rank or in the direct employ of a noble to practice. This makes a Free Sorcerer’s life precarious. Should their Noble strip them of their employ they are imediatly considered a criminal.

Lands of Kentwood:

Essington (North)

Willowshire (South)

Kent (Central)

Kirkholm (Central)

Antilie’s Crest (East)

Holtier (West)


House Lamont

House Pellyn

House Reinard

House Van Curen


The Cabal (Noble Sorcerers)

Servants of the Phoenix (Free People Sorcerers)

The Church

The Veil (Religious sect within the church, often has goals diffren or contrary to those of the greater church)

Thieves Guild

Merchant’s Guild (Free People pushing to assert a new Caste. “If we cannot command our employees then how can we run our businesses!”)

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