Kirkholm is a central region that houses much of the logistical infrastructure of the kingdom. Warehouses, stables, tenements and slums are all trademarks of this region. The Merchant’s Guild has its primary guild hall in the largest city in Kirkholm: Exeter.


Roads – Trade is the life blood of Kirkholm. The main trade roads are well cobbled and merchant companies will often hire armed guards to protect shipments.

Goods – This land is filled with workshops of various description. The constant flow of materials and trade in this area makes it ideal for the production of goods from base materials.

Population – The Free population and indentured handle much of the book keeping and monitary affairs where slaves are used to full fill manual labor.

Ruling Family:

House Van Curen

Notable Locations:

The Hall of Measures – The seat of the growing merchant population. It is also known as the Merchant Senate. Here is where trade deals that could potentialy cripple noble houses are bartered and made. Free men that suceed here can become nearly as wealthy as nobles.

Exeter – The largest city in Kirkholm. It is said that if you can buy it, you can find it in Exeter.


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