Kent is located between Essington and Kirkholm in the northern and central portion of the Kingdom. This hilly countryside was once filled with thick forests. Much of those forests has long since been cleared. Most of the land is now only good for grazing. Many villages can be found throughout Kent built up around noble estates in the abundant valleys between hills.


Noble Court – Kent is the home of the official Court of Nobles. Many of the Noble houses have their own homes and estates in the valleys around Kent.

Roads – Kent is a major center of activity in the Kingdom. Many of the major roads are fully cobbled and major trade routes are easily traversed in fair weather. Though the country roads ate known to become trecherous with mud and nearly impassible with the heavy Spring rains.

Farms – Farms in this region are primarily to raise various grazing animals. Cheese, milk and meat are in abundance in Kent.

Ruling Family:

House Reinard – The Royal Family.

Notable Locations

Castle Hawkspire – The home of the Royal Family. This castle is constructed atop a cliff that overlooks much of the surrounding countryside. The Kent Woods have long since been cleared from much of the surrounding area, affording little ability to hide the approach of enemies. It is said that Hawkspire is as old as the Kingdom. It is rumored to be riddled with hidden passages and corridors.

The Kent Woods – Once a sprawling forest, it has now been logged nearly to nothing. The Kent Woods were used to build much of the town around Castle Hawkspire. Little care was taken as the trees were removed leaving cracked dry earth and bogs dotting the country side.


Kentwood rockodes