The wester reaches of the kingdom are home to the lands known as Holtier. These pastural lands are home to the finest vinyards in all of Kentwood. It is on this rolling gentle terain that The Church has placed it’s grandest structure: Luster Cathedral. The bulk of the population of Holtier are Free Peoples and it is home to possibly the fewest slaves in all Kentwood.


Church – Holtier is the religious center of the kingdom. The church is the hand of god in the world and it is believed to be a mark of blessing that the church has been placed under the watch of House Danforth. Pilgrims come the the many splendid churches in this reagion through the year for various religious services and events. Vinyards – The work of vinters in Holtier has been taken to the level of artistry by all acounts. Only “Holt Wine” will do for the gatherings of the elite, be they Nobleman or Free.

Ruling Family:

House Danforth

Notable Locations:

Luster Cathedral – A lavish structure used for all of the important religious ocasions that are to be attended by the whole of the nobility. The cathedral itslef is built in the center of a man made lake which serves as a reflecting pool. The sun reflected off the surface of the lake gives the building an almost lifelike quality as the light dances across the walls. Major ocasions such as corinations also occour here. The only access to the cathedral is through use of hand carved boats, piloted by acolytes of the church. It is considered an honor to be tasked as a ferryman.


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