Essington is the northern most holding in Kentwood.


Lumber – Thick with forests are abundant all over this land.

Population – The bulk of the people of this land are Free People and Indentured. Most of the Indentured are put to work as patrols to find thieves that litter the forests. Thus, Essington has the largest readable military force in the Kingdom.

Ruling Family:

House Lamont

Notable Locations:

The Gate Watch Woods – A vast forest that acts as a natural defensive line to protect from invasion from the north. Only a few roads run through it.

The Briarwood – A dense deadly forest from which few ever return. Legend has it that Witches haunt it. Patrols only patrol the perimeter of this place, never enter.

Lamont Keep – Home of the Lamont line. This fortress has stood as the first line of defense against northern invaders for generations. There is a large town that supports the Keep notable for the fact that it is populated primarily by Indentured and their families.


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